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Stand your Ground for all our future

Hello there and thank you for dropping by.

The United Kingdom has been attacked, not just at its borders but from within by many of its own citizens who have an agenda, fueled by greed to pillage and steal our people's assets.

The foundations of what many will regard as democracy has been eroded to such an extent  that fundamental principles such as Government and the Judiciary are by today institutionally corrupted beyond return.

Our organisation, Stand your Ground is made up of the UK's leading campaigners and activists, the majority of which are experienced in their own subject and have spent years fighting levels of institutional cover up and a trail of correspondence roundabouts which have deliberately been placed in our way to evade dealing with the matters in hand.

A meeting was held recently which was attended by all the main forty 'hands on' activists and group leaders from the UK and abroad, where as from this point going forward, all the culminated groups will progress under the Stand your Ground banner - We will Reveal to the nation exactly what has been going on behind closed doors.

Our combined united group is expand very fast and will concentrate on change from grass roots through to Government.

Combined, we will use Law against legalities.


Our future policy is based on a 'Big Society' and we are now rapidly establishing local and regional groups to help us with our ongoing endeavours. 

You are most welcome to come and join our chat groups CLICK HERE and we will be delighted to work with you in establishing your own local network.

Just see what 'People Power' support groups can do:

Come and join us for a combined, brighter and more honest future for all.